Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cover Art

Thank you to Kyle Nash for doing the coverart. Amazing work. If you get a chance check out the link to Kyle's page at for some images of his other works. Again much thanks to Kyle for all the time and hard work spent on the cover. It looks great and has already helped this book immensely.

Here's a sneak peak snippet from the book (excerpt Ch.5)

The hatch swung open revealing bleak darkness.  The air cracked and whistled as it cleaved through the black abyss.  A sultry breeze pricked Allison’s face.  The air was muggy and hot.  Allison took in a breath and coughed as it burnt her throat and lungs.  She pulled her shirt up over her nose and squinted her eyes through the burning wind.  She rotated herself around the circular opening, trying to make out anything through the darkness.  Allison stopped rotating as a fascinating sight caught her attention.  A thin stream of golden light a few feet away stretched down from the heavens, like the cord on an angel’s harp.  Bits of ash floated through it like dirty snowflakes.  Allison endured the sweltering air and opened her eyes wide in astonishment.  Through the looming clouds a single strand of glossy sunlight reached down and elegantly touched the ashy earth.  Allison pulled herself out from the tunnel and made her way to the light, feeling her way with her hands.   She stumbled over a few things as she walked but managed to get there safely.  She stopped just inches from the heavenly glow and examined it closely with her eyes.  She slowly slipped her hand under the radiant beam and felt its warm touch tickle her skin.  She followed the ray of light up to its source and watched as it gradually faded until it melted in with the darkness above.  Allison walked her eyes back down the glistening sunbeam before falling down to her knees at its base.  There on the ground, amongst the layer of ash, sprouted a tiny green plant, reaching up into the sunlight. 

Monday, March 7, 2011


Eleven year old Allison Blume and her family are foced to move into the underground bunker city of New Hope after an experimental atomic bomb test creates an immense mushroom cloud, blocking out the sun and casting the world within its radius into darkness. Allison must overcome her juvenile ways in order to rise above the fears lurking in the shadows and bring light back to a darkened world.

The beginning of the Blume Blog!

The Blume website is officially up and running! I have a long way to go but it's going to be a fun journey and hopefully something sparks in the process. Thank you to everyone who has helped and supported me with this project so far, it's much appreciated. Sorry that the page isn't updated and pretty but I'm working on it, and I'll have it done soon. In the meantime check out the short synopsis of the book and the Blume facebook page.  I'll be getting pictures up soon, and maybe even put up a couple of my pre-written short stories for your viewing pleasure and to give you an idea of what Blume will be like.